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As prom and graduation party time approaches our thoughts and concerns turn to the ever increasing problem of underage drinking. The use of alcohol destroys the lives of more young people than cocaine, heroin and all other illegal drugs combined. Some adults do not seem to believe that the use of alcohol is reason for concern. We must remember that alcohol is a depressant which slows down the ability to speak, think and move. All types of alcohol ( beer, wine and hard liquor) are equal in their power to destroy brain cells, to cause major damage to all body systems and to decrease the chance for a long and healthy life. Studies show that heavy alcohol use during the teens and early twenties can cause attention, memory and problem solving deficits. As Christian adults we must guide and teach our children about the danger of alcohol. Here are some suggestions:

1. Be a good role model.
2. Let your children know what you expect of them and set rules
regarding alcohol.
3. Let them know that you do not approve of underage drinking and that
drinking and driving will not be tolerated.
4. Let them know that your are aware of peer pressure and teach them
how to respond to it.
5. Get to know your children’s friends and their families.
6. Do no allow your children to attend parties where alcohol is present
and adult supervision is not.
7. Forbid your child to EVER get in a car even with a friend who has been
8. Remember that serving alcohol to anyone under 21 is illegal.
9. Never ask your child to bring you a beer or to open or pour a bottle of
10. Encourage healthy activities.
Written by Marlene Groll, Parish Nurse at St. Paul, Melrose Park

Dear Lord, keep our children in your loving protection. Guide us as we teach them good health habits by being effective role models and motivating counselors to our children, whatever their age. Instill in each the willingness to be held accountable to You, their Heavenly Father. We pray in name of Jesus. Amen.
Jane Geske, R.N.,C. Parish Nurse Coordinator Lutheran Home & Services
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