5106 North LaCrosse Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60630-2431

Sunday Service

8:00 a.m - Slovak Language
9:30 a.m. - English Language


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Message From Slovak Zion Synod

Last summer, it was announced that a website designed to backdrop the technical needs of the synod would be created. This project was postponed until later in the year due to technical difficulties. We are happy to announce that the website's main structure and features are up and will be expanding over the next few weeks. When you access the site, the site will appear, but limited in navigation, as there are pages that are still finishing construction. Each time a new set of pages is released, the link will appear on the navigational bar of the homepage and the sitemap. All the features of SZSO are set for completion by fall 2008, however the base structure and main pages will be up and running by March. There are many more features and services the site will offer upon completion, such as web hosting, mail accounts, and much more in the planning stages. Currently, there are several new interface builds that, upon release, will change the look of the website, and increase productivity and ease of use. The first of these is scheduled for release at the 2008 Assembly in June. For now, explore it for yourself, and see what can't be expressed in words. Thank You for your patience, and please email infor@slovakzionsynod.org for any additional questions.