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Pastor's Page

Dear members and friends at Trinity,

When I came to be with you in February of 2008 as interim pastor following the two-years ministry of Pastor Joyce Gulliford, it was hoped at the time, that I would be with you to the conclusion of the interim period when a regular call was issued for a long term pastor. With my receiving a call to serve Ascension Lutheran Church in Northfield, this hope is not to be realized.
I know that many are disappointed with my departure, that there is frustration with the interim process having taken so long and that there is anxiety related to yet another transition. To this disappointment, I ask your forgiveness and hope you understand that my departure is related to the Spirit's call to serve, which is often not an easy thing for congregations or pastors to live into. To the frustration related to the lengthy interim period, know that it is valid. I along with the council have shared these concerns and frustrations with the bishop and it has been shared with me that she is indeed working with possible candidates to access an appropriate match to present to our call committee. To the feelings of anxiety, know that an interim candidate is to be presented to the council by the bishop before my departure in July with the hope that this appointment will provide Trinity with a capable pastor for the remainder of the interim period.
As we have journeyed these five months together, I have seen evidence of God's rich blessing through our interactions one-with-another. In speaking to a number of members, this experience of blessing was manifest during Pastor Gulliford's tenure, as well as during the time Trinity was supplied by Pastor Pfeffer. So, I would expect that God will continue to work in-with-and-through the church and her next pastor to bring blessings that nourish Christian life and faith.
We hear twice in * Psalm 46 the refrain: "The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge." In this psalm the reader is reminded not once but twice that in the midst of peace and war, silence and tumult that God is there. As I now take my leave and our paths take us down different roads apart form one another, may we all receive comfort and sustenance knowing that the Lord of hosts is truly with us, and that the God of Jacob is, and always shall be our refuge.

Peace to you in Christ Jesus,

-Pastor Patrick McGuire

  • Martin Luther based the hymn "A Mighty Fortress" upon this psalm.