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Sunday Service

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Several months ago, I promised to give you some pointers on how evangelism, reaching out to others, is an important part of everything we do in church. This month let's talk about "evangelism made easy" by looking at the actual building and property. Remember the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, even if you aren't comfortable sharing your faith with others, you can provide a warm welcome by the way the property is cared for and welcomes people.

Our building gets cleaned but what about in-between times? Our building is sometimes used by multiple groups on any given day. Sometimes paper towels end up on the floor in the restroom, or the area around the sink gets wet. Take a minute to pick up the paper towels or wipe up around the sink. It's not your job but it sure makes Trinity more inviting to guests and visitors.

Have you noticed something that needs repaired. Have you noticed empty paper towel or toilet paper dispensers? Have you noticed burned out light bulbs? Don't assume that the property folks know about it. Don't assume that someone else has reported it. Note the issue and give it to the pastor.

Look around the church building with the eyes of a visitor. Are the directional signs clear? Can you follow them or do they confuse you? If they don't seem clear, let someone know. Are there any signs pointing the way to Sunday school classes?

Do any areas looked cluttered? Are the bulletin boards informative and up to date or do they look ignored? Bring it to someone's attention or maybe even offer to put up a new display on one of the boards.

You see, our building reflects our values. They can say "we care, we're on top of things," or they can say "we don't care, it's not important. If it was good enough for grandma, it's still good enough for us." They can say "we value your presence and want you to be comfortable" or they can say "we're too busy to bother with you." Does our building say "old and tired" or "young and vibrant?"

Can you spare an hour to two to help out with some of these things? Can you help revitalize a room with a fresh coat of paint? Maybe you're creative and could help regularly with the bulletin boards. Maybe you could make it your task each week to do a quick "walk" of the building looking for things that are not inviting or welcoming. Are the tract racks full and current?

If you feel called to help out with some of these things, let us know. You see, it really is "evangelism made easy!"