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It all started when a group of women were discussing the ways in which they could serve the church: Some were teaching Sunday School classes, some sang in the choir, some played the piano, others worked in Vacation Bible School. Finally, Charlotte commented that there wasn't much she could do except knit and crochet, and do needlework. That comment started something! Almost everyone within hearing distance wanted to learn to do one or both of these crafts. A class was set up to meet the following week when sixteen ladies showed up ready to begin! The group met weekly until everyone was able to proceed through the directions on her own. Many of these ladies had completed an article of clothing such as a sweater or top. The girls were all happy and Charlotte was spiritually richer because she had shared her talent.

But that is only the first chapter of the story. Many of those ladies went on and shared their newly learned skill with others. At least one (probably more) is now a senior citizen and is using her skill to knit mittens for the school children's clothing bank and bedroom slippers for the elderly in nursing homes. Yarn for these projects is contributed by others or furnished by the knitter.

All this happened because one woman was willing to share the talent she thought didn't count.

That woman was not a one-talent woman. All sixteen women who offered encouragement joined forces to start a project which, like a pebble thrown into the water, starts a circle of movement which goes on and on.

"Cast thy bread upon the waters. It shall not return unto you void." "A little in the hands of the Lord is much." Share your time and talents, add the time, talents, and generosity of others, and the Lord will multiply the good many times over.