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From the Pastor's Desk

Walking along Foster the other day I reflected on several things. First it was a glorious day and it was a lovely day for walking and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It was a day to delight in the sunshine and warmth. It was a day to enjoy the movement of walking and breathing. There was so much to see: a river under the bridge, a business sign, a tree budding in hopeful expectation. There were also other people enjoying the glorious sun and warm air. Some people were walking, some were jogging, a few were out with their dogs, a handful were on cell phones. Many were in their cars with the windows down, treating pedestrians to snatches of folk music, rap music, news programs.
It was relaxing and exciting at the same time. God just does amazing things; God has created trees that will soon burst forth into blossom and leaf. God calls forth little green shoots that will amazingly lead to bright-multicolored flowers, things that will be swimming in and on the rivers. God makes people who are infinitely fascinating.
Enjoying the day and the city; I started thinking about a line from one of the songs in the blue book, "The Lamb is the Light of the City of God." This brought to mind the source of the line from Revelation. As one thought led to another I began wondering about the city of God and why the picture at the end of the Bible is a city.
John spends some ink in describing the gem-built structures of the city of God in the last couple of chapters of the book. But the real point of this is that the city is teaming with people, people of every nation and tribe. People who live to praising God, and to bask in the light of God's glory.
This city is filled with people with people of many backgrounds who have a variety of needs. But just like the city that John describes in Revelation, this is a city filled with people whom God loves, cherishes and cares for. What a privilege we have to help share such a wonderful message with such a fabulous city!

See ya' in Worship!