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From the View of the Treasurer

Fiscal year versus Calendar Year. What's the difference? It's only a couple of months difference but it allows organizations, like Trinity, the USA, et al., to develop budgets, programs, etc. before running afoul of their organizational charter and bylaws. It's also a timing and utility of personnel issue. Each year we celebrate New Year in January and make individual improvement plans for the coming year-dieting, exercising, promises, To Do Lists, etc., which, alas, some are kept and others fall by the way side. Organizations are no different than individuals.
Some time ago, Trinity went to a fiscal year base, that being our New Year would start July 1 and end June 30 of the following year. Rationale for this change was that previously we entered the New Year without a spending plan nor approval from the congregation, hence we went a couple of months in the dark without the necessary authority to spend money. The change from calendar year to fiscal year freed up some time to prepare for the calendar year end reports, mark to market (calculate gains and losses from investments), W2 preparations, (the pesky IRS wants the information on THEIR Forms). At the same time requests for funds come into the mix to calculate costs of new programs to grow Trinity, amounts needed for continuing programs, and to assess where improvements should be made, new contracts agreed to and enforced and the beat goes on!
Each quarter every Member receives a packet of envelopes to contribute for the good of Trinity, for Memorials for Loved Ones, Flowers for the Altar, and special flowers for planting or to give to shut-ins (Lilies, Geraniums, Poinsettias), for special designated funds - - - Angel Fund (New projects, start up costs, special needs, etc.), Scholarship Fund, ELCA and Slovak Zion Synod funding (which we choose on a Quarterly basis—Disaster Relief, World Hunger...Just to make a few.
For this current quarter (1st in calendar year and 3rd in Fiscal Year) we use certain envelopes to help defray the costs associated with the contribution envelopes, to pay for the Lutheran Magazine Subscription that we send to all Trinity Members, and for our Quarterly Mission efforts. The cost for the envelopes are $7.00, while Lutheran Magazine subscription is $8.00. Trinity does not request that you compensate the Church for the specific costs, but urge members to give as they seem fit. Remember God has given each of us time, talents, and money. If we are to be good stewards we should use our gifts toward the glory of GOD and our mission which is "We are dedicated to bringing Christ's message to all.