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From the Pastor’s desk

Big things are happening at Trinity this month! I know I am excited, and I hope that you are too. Lots of things are going on but there are two that stand out.

The Pumpkin Patch. Our first pumpkin patch will be taking place this month. This is a fabulous opportunity for us to have people begin to see Trinity as a church that is doing things. Part of the mission that was given to Melissa and myself was to reach into the neighborhood, and to move Trinity into being a neighborhood church again. The pumpkin patch enables us to do this. We will be raising money, becoming visible in the community, and inviting everyone who steps onto the property to come and be a part of us.

It won’t be easy, and, as this is the first of what will be hopefully many of these events, we need everyone to join in and help us get this off of the ground. There will be missteps and some things won’t go as smoothly, or be as complete as we like, but if we work together we can see what God will do through this mission.

The Faith Five is the next big thing. I hope that everyone has taken this to heart and has found someone (or a bunch of someone’s) to pray and read with. It only takes about five minutes five days a week to do this. Surely this is not too much time to invest in relationships with others and with the Lord. I remain confident that if people embrace this program that my phone will start ringing with excited people reporting strengthened relationships with others and a newfound passion for serving Jesus!

Both of these programs involve a shift in behavior; to volunteer to help the church, which is a short term project, with hopefully long term results; and to make a minor, but regular commitment which is almost guaranteed to yield major results. I remain confident that this church remains committed to our mission and will come together with these programs to be “bringing Christ’s message to all.”

See you in worship,
Pastor James