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Sunday Service

8:00 a.m - Slovak Language
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Coming to Trinity

Passover Seder Coming to Trinity
Where can you go to a church service eat a meal, play with your food and have Communion all at the same time? Come to the Passover Seder and find out! On April 1st (Maundy Thursday) we will Commemorate God’s deliverance of Israel from Egypt, the institution of Communion by Jesus, eat a meal and have a good time of fellowship, all as part of the worship service. The Seder will take the place of the regular Maundy Thursday service, and will begin around 6:30 PM (still subject to change). The service is open to as many as we have seating for. Look for coming sign up sheets. There will be a free-will offering to cover the cost of food and materials. Set the date aside and plan to attend.